Grameen Foundation "Microlending"
Director: Jim McMahon
Prod Co: Unauthorized Films

DP: Vincent Wrenn
Editor: Cindy Thoennessen
Open GFX: Joel Bailey @ Evil Twin Brother
Title GFX: Kiet Thai @ Studiokiet
VFX: Ben Fine
Mix: Lindsey Alvarez @ Lime Studios

I produced and directed this fund-raising video for the Grameen Foundation, a non-profit organization in the U.S. committed to expanding the reach of microfinance lending across the developing world. We shot on the Red camera in and around Bangalore, India, with an all-local crew (except for me and my DP, Vincent Wrenn).

We had 3 days of location scouting followed by 3 days of shooting, which sometimes took us over 70km into the countryside.The Red camera and camera crew were flown out of Mumbai, and our fantastic fixer (local producer) in Bangalore, Mohan Kailasam, procured the remainder of the crew locally in Bangalore.

FYI, the target audience is high-dollar investors who are, for the most part, very knowledgeable about the microfinance industry, so this video focuses on the business aspects of microfinance. That said, I tried to make it as engaging as possible, given the inherently boring nature of the content!!!